Paulob1 dance school 

maye the dance be with you

Routines to Master

The Waltz.
Side 1.  the basic amalgamation natural and reverse turn.
Side 2 the weave in waltz time, hesitation.
Side 3 hesitation into the reverse corte
Side 4 double reverse turn.
Side 5 hesitation into outside swivel backward lock into chasse
side 6 freestyle
all 'side tops'will be whisk and chasse after each spin turn in the corner

The Foxtrot.( little more tricky but here are the basics)
Side 1 feather reverse turn, 3 step natural turn
Side top, feather open telemark feather ending change of direction
repeat side 1.  
side top as above
Side 2 feather reverse turn into 1-4 of reverse wave and weave change of direction
side top as above
side 3 closed telmark into natural weave, change of direction.
side top as above

side 1 basic action and lock step
side 2 hesitation change
side 3 quick open reverse four quick runs
side 4 fishtail, with turn...

double link and whip, into three chasse finishing with three drunken sailors the last turned to CPP single foot spin to face each other then off you go with basic jive...

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Alpine Stroll Argentine stroll
Midnight Jive
Paso La Passe.